Flying School

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Luggage into the life of a baby bird

Flying School prepares to march into life. Escape from your nest and practice the lessons. Avoid obstacles so as not to lose your life. Collect stars and hearts during flight training.

The chicks are mature enough to leave the nest. He needs to take a survival training course before entering a preparation to leave the nest and make a living on his own. Life outside is very harsh when you are protected in a cozy nest. But that easy life does not last long and the chicks are getting bigger and bigger, there is not enough place to live together and the mother is not strong enough to feed her young.

The lives of the bird

You will have three lives to perform the challenge. Since this is an unlimited course, it only stops when you've used up your three lives. Try to stay for a long time and complete the course excellently to enter the life out there.

Unlock new characters

Some characters need you to unlock. To own them, you need to do many challenges or maintain them for a long time to help you renew your character.

Challenges in the course

The first job of being independent is learning how to fly from one nest to another. Because the bird is too young to learn to fly, he only needs to fly from one nest to another. Choose a location for the bird to fly and do not let it fall from the nest.

Barriers: Some barriers are fixed in the air making it more challenging to fly to another nest. You need to move so as not to hit it because it will cost you your life.

Hunter's Aim: A hunter's aiming point will move involuntarily. Please choose the right time to fly so as not to hit the aiming point

Other dangerous animals like spiders, eagles, ect are very fond of eating animals like baby birds because they are easy to eat and easy to hunt. Move carefully so as not to touch them.