Flying Santa Gifts

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Journey with Santa Claus to collect gifts in Flying Santa Gifts!

Join Santa to collect gifts for children in Flying Santa Gifts. Control Santa Claus to collect as many gifts as possible so that all children around the world can receive gifts from him.

The image of Santa Claus has made millions of children around the world believe that they can give them gifts if they are good. The gift always comes with Santa Claus and the children are eagerly waiting to receive gifts from him. However, the gifts are not at Santa's house and he has to find it before it's time to deliver the presents.

In order to have gifts for the children, Santa Claus has to go collect the gifts. The journey of collecting gifts never ends. The farther you go, the more gifts you get and the more children receive the gifts. Control Santa Claus with his jet to collect gifts.

Obstacles in the game

The journey to collect is not easy, evil birds will hinder Santa's mission. Help him stay away from them as much as possible and go forward to collect the gift. Just touching the bird made the journey end. Stay away from them as far as possible. In the process of collecting gifts, you will encounter U-magnets, they have the effect of attracting gifts from afar and protecting birds if you accidentally touch them. However, the ability only has a certain limit, so be on the lookout at any time when the ability expires.