Flying Pig Clicker

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Regarding Flying Pig Clicker

Flying Pig Clicker is an entertaining arcade game. You will help the pink winged pig go through the pipes without touching them and help him eat the apple.

The idea of the game

The arcade game is inspired by the globally famous game called Flappy Bird. With a simple mechanism to take the character through the water pipes without touching the water pipes or hitting the corners of the screen. Similar to the famous game Flappy Bird, this game uses the image of a lovely pink winged pig.

Mission to be completed

The job is very simple, just take this pink pig to move, fly forward in the screen frame, avoid ignoring it, causing the pig to lose direction and fall down. Go through purple water pipes without hitting them. These pipes are randomly arranged and placed at different heights. You can move at normal speed when passing through low water pipes and move faster with faster click. Don't forget, the red apples are ahead, help him eat these delicious apples after a rather tiring move.

When you go through a water pipe you have added one point for your total score. Get as many points as you can and achieve a score record that no one else has ever achieved.

How to control

Move the pig by clicking the mouse.