Flying Easter Bunny

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About Flying Easter Bunny

Join the adorable bunny with angel wings to collect golden eggs in Flying Easter Bunny. Move the rabbit over the columns that contain the golden eggs, collecting them without hitting anything.

Tasks to perform

Adorable white rabbit with angel wings is tasked with collecting golden eggs. Go to the land containing the golden eggs and collect them. To carry out this noble task. You need to help the bunny fly up in the air, collect the golden egg without colliding with anything. Don't move the bunny too high or too low off the screen. Move with a moderate height to both collect golden eggs and avoid the pillars. The number of golden eggs that you collect is the total number of points that you earn.

How to control

Click to move the rabbit. Hold down the mouse to move the rabbit up.

Time increase clock

A journey to collect golden eggs is made in only 20 seconds. To be able to collect more golden eggs, you need to collect watches during the move. A watch can give you at least an extra 5 seconds. No matter how short the time, you were able to earn some more golden eggs and increase your total score.