Flying Crash Bandicoot

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Help the fox harvest tropical fruit in Flying Crash Bandicoot. The fox with his firepower is flying in the sky. His mission is to harvest tropical fruits on high.

Journey to collect tropical fruits

The fox is on his journey on the road of adventure. In the process, he has encountered a new journey with a new task called harvesting tropical fruits in an unfriendly aboriginal. They do not warmly welcome new guests, so the fox cannot harvest tropical fruit. Famous for his intelligence and quickness, he has devised a way to use his firepower to fly to the sky and harvest tropical fruits.

Tasks to do

The harvest is not going well, so the fox needs your support. Help him adjust his ability to fly in the air, go through the fruits and harvest them. Each fruit is placed on the same support target. Quickly harvest as many as you can in a limited time of 20 seconds. Adjust the character by long press to fly in the air. Avoid touching the wall, or flying too far away from the screen.

This is one of those fun click and fly games. You can refer to some other game like Badland.