Flappy Bird

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Description of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a globally famous game, now reimagined here. With the task of helping the bird move in the air, go through the water pipes without hitting them.

Tasks to do

Your task is to help the bird move forward. Go through water pipes without touching them. One pass is a plus in your total score. Do not fly too high or too low and hit the walls of the screen. You also do not accidentally slip your hand causing the bird to lose direction and fall down.


This is a game with no end, it only ends when you lose direction and touch anywhere. Stay calm and go through many pipes. Set a record that you have never achieved and show everyone how many points you have. There is already a world record achievement with a total score of more than 2300. Will you surpass this world record achievement?

How to control

Click to control the character

The charm of the game

The popularity of the game was most evident in 2014. Its appeal made the global social network explode. Everywhere you see the appearance of this game. In just a few short months, the game's hits reached hundreds of millions of times and sometimes the web crashed due to too many visitors. At the same time, in the United States, here children are so passionate about this game that they forget to eat, forget to sleep, only dedicate themselves to this game and are not interested in learning. Their parents have filed a complaint with the creator of this game. Therefore, in just over 1 year, the game had to be removed. I am sure, in that year, you must have at least once in your life trying to play through this game. And now it's replayed again. The game helps you review the valuable memories in this game's life.