Find The Alien

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Find The Alien is an interesting game about aliens. The aliens are infiltrating the human world on earth. Use the magic mirror to find them and use the stun gun to destroy them.

The appearance of aliens

The appearance of aliens on Earth has always been a mystery that no one has been able to solve. So far, whether aliens really appear or not has not been explained. But one thing is for sure, in the game Find The Alien there are aliens. And what they intend to do, we do not know. Therefore, to prevent aliens from having evil intentions, become a brave hero to destroy all aliens.

Destroy the aliens

This is a game with simple gameplay. Just you find out the alien is one of two in the same context. They disguise themselves as humans so well that it's hard to tell them apart. The best way to find them is to use a magic mirror. This mirror will reflect the aliens and you will use the stun gun to destroy them.

You will be put into each context, each different context, different space and in each of those contexts there are two characters. These two characters have only one person who is a human and the other is an alien disguised as a human. Your mission is to find that alien. And to help you in this mission, you will receive the magic mirror, which helps you to find the aliens. Look in the mirror at the two characters, the aliens will show themselves through this mirror and use the stun gun to destroy them. Aliens are many everywhere and you need to destroy them all to avoid consequences later.