Fancy Pants World 1

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Fancy Pants World 1 is a fun adventure game with simple black and white graphics. Control Fancy Pants to overcome obstacles to reach the door that opens a new world.

Adventure with Fancy Pants in Fancy Pants World 1

Guide play

Adventure with Fancy Pants in the journey to unlock the doors. Fancy Pants is a stickman boy wearing colorful orange pants. It can be said that the main character stands out the most in this black and white game. There is only one other color in this game. Another never-ending journey appears in Badland that you can try.

Help this character overcome obstacles to open new doors. You need to avoid giant spiders approaching you, black poison water, cold blooded shooter, ect. These obstacles will reduce your strength until you have no other strength and go to heaven. If you accidentally hit these obstacles, quickly get away from it and collect doodles to restore strength.

Levels of Fancy Pants World 1

The game has 3 levels corresponding to each world. A level is an adventure in which there are small challenges if you step on a cardboard box. You will fall into a mini maze and need to do everything to get out of this maze. After you complete these mazes, you will get secret rewards. Explore it to find out what the reward is.

How to control

Move with left/right arrows

Open the door with the up arrow

Bow down with the down arrow

S to jump

Spacebar to pause