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About EvoWorld.io

Survive in the world of flying animals in EvoWorld.io. Start with the fly, upgrade to a bigger animal. Becoming a animal with a high level makes every animal have to dodge.

You will enter the world with a variety of flying animals. Those animals are your opponents. Become a winged animal with a high rank that makes your opponents dodge.

Start with the lowest XP character

You start the game with the fly, a character with the lowest rank in this game. To upgrade animals higher, you need to eat food that is displayed in blue as dead fish, shit. At the same time must provide water to live. Avoid characters that are dangerous to your life with a red frame when the animal is attacking you, try to escape its encirclement and provide food and water to revive. Try to upgrade yourself to become the character with the highest level that every animal has to escape. Each time you upgrade with a higher character, in addition to eating green eatable foods, eat opponents with smaller XP points, circled in green to help you increase your XP faster.

At this low level, the animals that you need to dodge quickly before they see you and attack you are the Dragonfly and Blue Bird. Dragonfly is the animal with the heaviest damage for you. They can eat you, if there are too many Dragonflies, you will not be able to escape and be eaten until you run out of strength. You are usually ignored by Blue Birds if your XP bonus is too low otherwise you also become their target if you have a higher XP bonus.

Character upgrade

List of upgraded characters: Fly, Butterfly, Mosquito, Wasp, Dragonfly, Pigeon, Duck, Blue Bird, Hen, Parrot, Stork, Red Bird, Pelican, Turkey, Bat, Seagull, Blackbird, Hornet, Vulture, Owl, Maroon Bird, Falcon, Eagle, Snowy Owl, Hawk, Raven, Mad Bat, Pterodactyl Child, Pterodactyl, Swamp Monster, Stone Eater, Demonic Egg Eater, Demonic Bat, Demonic Imp, Dragon, Phoenix, Cosmic Insect, Cosmic Big Eye, Cosmic Angry Eye, Cosmic Bat, Overfed Cosmic Bat, Ghost, Ghostly Reaper, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Ghost, Grim Reaper.

To upgrade to the character with the highest XP, you have to evolve 46 times from character to character. Starting from the position of the smallest character with 0XP to 450,000XP is impossible. But with patience, you can definitely get there.

46 upgrades corresponds to 46 different characters. Each character needs to be eligible for XP in order to be obtained with higher character upgrades, and these characters each have their own unique skills and abilities to help you on your journey.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to move your character.

The game's highest character: Grim Reaper

To upgrade this character, you have to go through 46 evolutions corresponding to 46 different characters. This is the highest peak character of the game and you need at least 450,000XP to achieve this character. As the game's grim reaper, you can use your scythe to throw at your prey and take their souls. Any animal cannot survive the scythe of death. You can spare the animal you want by not using the scythe.