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Ducklings is an io game with an image of ducks in a lake. The ducklings are lost and you need to bring them back to your nest to return safely. Be careful other ducks can steal your ducks.

Collect ducklings

The ducklings in the lake are lost. You need to bring the ducklings back to their nest so they can be reunited with their family. You are the male duck who is responsible for picking up the ducklings and the female duck is responsible for warming the ducklings. Collecting as many ducklings will prove that your family has the largest number of children. Finding their way home is not an easy thing, as are Badland, birds are traveling and finding where they see fit. To find that place, it has gone through many journeys and you help it and its kind to find where they belong.

Things to be careful

Watch out for your opponent!

In the lake, your family is not the only survivor here, there are many other family couples also living and performing tasks like yours. Therefore, they can steal your children to increase the number of their families. They can also beat you up by stealing the ducklings you are bringing back to the nest. Be careful everywhere so they don't marry them

Be careful of obstacles

In the process of collecting ducklings, you may accidentally encounter boats gliding on the lake. Quickly move to the side in front of the passing boat and run over you.