Duck Shooter

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Duck Shooter is a hunting game. Aim at the fake duck have bullseye and shoot them. Don't shoot real ducks and red ducks because they are not good for you.

Practice shooting skills

Determine the target to shoot

You are a hunter and to improve your hunting, this game is a right choice. The target you need to shoot is the fake ducks mounted on the heart. They are numerous and move back and forth endlessly. Use point shot to hit the fake duck, you will get one point.

Things to avoid

In addition to the targets to shoot, you need to avoid shooting real ducks and red ducks. Real ducks will be placed in several positions, you must not shoot them, the game will end immediately when you shoot it. And the red fake ducks, which seem like targets that you need to shoot but are not. The seriousness is not equal to shooting real ducks, but it will reduce the number of points you accumulate that you have earned during the game.

Execution time

You will have 1 minute to accumulate points thanks to your shooting ability. Shoot as many as possible for your score.

Game record

Someone has done it with a score of 4300. An unimaginable number. To get this number, you need to be quick and shoot the targets with one shot. Will you be able to overcome this terrible number?