Duck Life

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Duck Life is an unbeatable duck trainer in every competition. Train your duck in three disciplines of running, swimming, and flying, then take it to races. Conquer from the smallest race to the biggest race.

Professional Coaching

During a race, you have to make sure you run, swim, and fly so that in any race situation you can stay out of control and out of control.

Running Training: In this training session, the duck has to run across the plain avoiding the rocks that are rolling towards it. Help the duck jump as high as possible. Collect coins during the run. The more accumulated, your experience points will increase and benefit in the upcoming race.

Swimming Training: In this training, the duck will swim underwater and it needs to avoid obstacles like ferry, sailboat, iceberg, island, ect. Press up arrow to jump up and down arrow to dive deep underwater. You know when to jump up and when to dive. The farther you swim, your XP will be increased and a plus point for the upcoming competition.

Flight training: This training session you need to stand on the hill and jump downhill to fly. Fly with the standing money and the speed will decrease and fall into the water. Quickly collect as many coins as possible.

Take part in competitive races

Race for beginners

This race is suitable when your skill level is below 40. Complete challenges in races at Green Valley, Rocky Cliff, Shallow Lake and Natural World. The prize is 50 coins and a new hat.

Amateur race

The race is suitable when the skill level is between 40-100. The races include Stair Climbing, Faith Jumping, Swimming Pool and Rooftop Jumping, and the rewards for the competitions are 100 coins and a new hat.

Expert race

The race is suitable when the skill level is 100 or higher. The races are called Up the Volcano, Over the Volcano, Across the River and Volcano Challenge. The prize from these races is 200 coins and a new hat.

World Championship

This is the most difficult race, very few people achieve it. Attractive rewards are 200,000 coins, a crown and a new farm.