Drift Dudes

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The description of Drift Dudes

Race cars with rivals in Drift Dudes. Race against six other competitors, scrambling to finish first. Win many matches and earn great prizes.

Car race with rivals. Everyone's goal is the championship of the arcade race. You will be playing against six random opponents. The whistle starts, press the gas to start. In this game you just need to use left and right arrow keys to move the bends. Try to get into the speed boost, which makes you run at lightning speed, spark and get away from your opponent or catch up with your opponents ahead of you.

The track has quite a few bends, this is also the key part of the race. The smoother you corner, the easier it will be for you to outrun your opponent. If your cornering skills are not good, try to practice from other competitions. The cars may accidentally or intentionally hinder you from going ahead, get out quickly and focus on your destination. There's no point in taking revenge on them, it'll just slow you down.

The reward from the game depends on how long it takes you to reach the finish line. The less time it takes, the easier it is to claim one of the race's top three prizes.

Use the money earned from the race to upgrade or buy yourself a new car. Upgrade Handling, Acceleration and Max Speed to improve your car. An upgraded car would be great and make it easier for you to win.

How to control

Use the left/right arrow keys to move the car.