Debbies Diner Derby

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Debbies Diner Derby is the arduous service journey of a waiter in roller skates. Help him deliver food to customers without spilling with gentle movements.

The story of the clumsy waiter

Derby is a waiter at a diner but he is very clumsy. He often messes up so next time he messes up again he might get fired. In order for Derby's clumsiness to not happen again, you need to help him.

Bring food to customers

The service was quite difficult when he was wearing a pair of slippery roller skates so he could fall at any time. If he's not careful he will crash into something like a wall, table, etc causing the food he's holding to fall off. Each time the food is dropped, you have to go and get the food again. This takes time, so you need to move very gently.

Make a request

An exclamation mark will let you know which customer needs food so you can go into the kitchen and bring the food to the customer. Tables will be ordered in turn, so you don't need to worry if you can't be served in time.

Carry your things carefully

Use extreme caution when transporting food to customers. Derby was clumsy, he was wearing roller skates, so it was even more difficult. Move carefully not to touch the wall, door or even the customer's table.

How to move

This game requires you to move gently, carefully and need a little more patience. Try to finish handing the food to the customer without touching anything even the customer's table will cause your food to fall to the ground.

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Space to stop or start a new level

Alternatively, you can also try Poor Bunny, its control is similar.