Cut The Rope

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Cut The Rope takes you into the world of the adorable Om Nom frog. Here, you need to do everything to cut the ropes that are blocking the giant candy and bring it back to his hungry stomach.

Help the cute green frog eat candy

A mind game has the beautiful pictures with lovable characters. Om Nom is a lovely green frog and is always in a state of hunger. What he is passionate about is a super-large candy, but getting it is not easy. The ropes surround the candy and prevent Om Nom from taking it. Nor can he reach or do anything to collect the candy. So help him get that candy.

Perform mission

The ropes are surrounding the candy, and our green frog can't reach it on its own. Help him remove the ropes and bring the candy back to his mouth that is always open for food. And don't let him be sad if he can't eat candy.

And the higher the level, the more you will encounter obstacles such as bubbles, wind, causing you a headache, however, if you know how to use them properly, you will also complete the task. You can also meet Om Nom in another game called Om Nom Connect.

Allocate the games

The game is divided into three seasons, each season has 5 mystery boxes and in each box there are 25 more mini games. The games are broken down and you need to do the right tasks to be able to pass the other levels.

Way to play

Use the mouse to cut the rope and bring the candy to the frog's mouth.