Cow Cow Run

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Collect coins with dairy cow

Cow Cow Run helps the dairy cow collect all the coins on her farm. Avoid encountering a UFO ship on the collection route if you don't want it to catch you.

Dairy cows inherently have the task of raising milk to produce milk for the farm, but in this game, dairy cows do not accept such tasks. It has a more important task which is to collect all the coins on its farm. Collecting coins will not let you pass easily. That's why UFOs are an obstacle for dairy cows. It is moving and approaching you, try to stay away from it if you don't want it to catch you. Be careful in your step as you only have two lives, either complete at least two tries or try again from the beginning if you have not completed the mission.

Some objects need upgrading

After each successful challenge, the coins you earn will be used to upgrade some objects that appear on the farm. They can help you escape UFOs. Each object can be upgraded three times because its defense will be increased. These objects can appear any challenge, upgrading helps you avoid pursuing UFOs. Some objects you should know:

UFO Ride: Ride a UFO and shoot other UFOs for some time

Ally Maker: Make other UFOs as your allies for some time

More Haste: Speed up your movement for some time

Invisible: Make yourself invisible for some time

Freeze Up: Make other UFOs freeze on the spot for some time

Life: You most likely can't win without this. Restores a life if you miss a life.