Cooking Mania

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Cooking Mania is a fun hamburger business game. Make the best hamburger according to the customer's request. Work non-stop to not miss a single customer.

Selling hamburgers

Take the bread from the shelf onto a plate and at the same time take the meat in the shelf into the pan to cook. Pay attention to the cooking time of the meat. The perfect taste of the meat when the time shows green, if you pass this mark, you will burn the meat, throw it in the trash because guests don't like to eat burnt food. The amount of meat you burn will be deducted from your pay, so don't waste food on fire. When the meat is done, move it to the breadboard and transfer it to a serving plate to give to the guests. In addition, customers also order water. Please get water at the water counter and give it to the guest.

Expand the hamburger business

Upgrade items

To make your food more delicious, more satisfied customers, upgrade the food and equipment to make the service process faster and bring the food to the customers faster.

Unlock many widgets to increase your productivity as your customers grow larger and your business gets better.


There are 30 corresponding levels. When you complete the first 5 levels, you will sell the hamburger in another setting. Scenes will unlock in turn when you complete the current level and move to the new level. The scenes are named Burger Fast Food, Burger Restaurant, Fish Fast Food, Fish Restaurant and Steak Restaurant.

How to play

Each operation of making hamburgers is done by clicking. In addition, you can also play other clicker games in Badland.