Burger Bounty

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Burger Bounty experience becoming a hamburger seller. Help the hamburger seller do business by doing some things like make hamburgers, give cakes to customers, collect money, ect. Expand your business by increasing tables, selling other things, and hiring staff.

Become a hamburger trader

There are many things to do business but our main character has a passion for hamburgers so that's why he decided to open a hamburger shop. However, due to his lack of experience, he did not know where to start. So you help him in business and become a rich hamburger seller.

Things you need to do

Just starting a hamburger business, you need to invest in a dining table to have seats for guests. When the customer comes to the table, make the hamburger, move to the cooking place, bring the cake to the customer, wait for the customer to finish eating and collect the money at the counter. Remember, customers don't like to wait too long. A waiting ladder above will warn you to act quickly.

Business expansion

As your business stabilizes and grows, expand your store size to help it grow more and more. By opening a few more tables, selling something else, and hiring staff. Expand the dining table to accommodate more guests. Sell some other things to increase the variety of items in the store. Hire employees to help you reduce working on your own.

Some things to buy

Upgrade: Burger, Coke, Carry is what makes your business faster. The process of bringing food to customers is faster, helping to reduce customer waiting time.

Change appearance: You can change the main character's appearance via gender, T-shirt, Pants, Shoes. Change the look without spending a dime.

Restaurant design: You can decorate some things to make your shop more beautiful. Pick out something you like to decorate your store with.