Bullet Pond

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Bullet Pond is a first-person shooter game in the role of a green frog. Control the frog against the storks invading the pond, where the frog enjoy a sleep.

The story of the green frog

Our green frog is enjoying a beautiful day. He thought of being able to lie comfortably in the sun on a leaf and enjoy. But that joy did not last long because storks came to disturb him, causing him to swim into the water. However, he needed to breathe. Do everything you can to drive the storks away so he can have his own place to lie down.

Help the frog chase the storks

Collecting bubbles is the essence

Moving in the water is not the optimal method. The frog can only breathe for a certain amount of time. The number of bubbles in the left corner of the screen will show how many times he can breathe so collect bubbles to increase his breathing underwater.

The crabs get in the way

In the process of going through the places where the bubbles are collected, the frog always has to meet the crabs blocking the way. The crab is also a cause of your loss of life after the bubble. Either you try to go forward to avoid it or you will destroy it before it attacks you. The benefit of killing the crab is the bubble, that's the result and you collect it to increase your ability to breathe underwater.