Breaking The Bank

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Breaking The Bank helps stickman use tools to steal money in the bank. The bank's fence is very safe, can you help the stickman to break into the bank successfully.

Bank break-in plans

The wall between the bank and the outside world is very solid. Will you be able to break in successfully?

Use tunnel

Is using a shovel an option? Try it and you'll know. The shovel will lead you down to a strange place, not inside the bank. You won't find out where you are until a speedboat passes and runs over you.

Using Explosion

Is this a plan to break into a bank or not? Put explosives on the bank wall, use an extension cord and the other end is a jack to explode the firecracker. But no matter how big the stickman is, it still can't blow up the wall. A bad luck happens when he gets close to the explosives but they explode when he is nearby. As it turned out, the shorted detonator caused the new explosive to detonate so slowly.

Using the Laser Drill

This is how to use a laser to cut an area on the wall so that the stickman can enter. But unfortunately for him, the carved wall didn't go inside, but to the outside, causing him to be crushed.

Using Wrecking Ball

Use the crane with the super big ball to aim to break the walls. But it was also unfortunate for him that the swinging rope was too short to hit the wall and on the contrary broke the crane truck.

Using Teleporter

This is a method that uses the technique of shifting from one position to another. But will he be able to teleport into the bank?

Using Disguise

Masquerading as money bags on the street so that the guards thought it was bank money fell in and took it along with other sacks of money into the bank. Will he be successful?

The end of the bank break-in

No matter what method you can't get the money from the bank. Even if the stickman successfully broke into the bank, will he succeed in stealing the bank's money. Let's see how the results are in this game.

This is just a fantasy game, in reality it is difficult to steal money from the bank. Another experience also from stealing in Temple Run 2 can take your breath away. Experience what it's like.