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Overview of Blockpost

Enter the world of hero and bandit hand-to-hand combat in Blockpost. Choose your side and start the journey to destroy the opponent's army. Shoot down your enemies and help your army win.

Join the battle with the arch enemy

The game is inspired by Minicaft pieces that combine to create a unique variation effect. You are taken to a field where you and your team destroy all your arch-enemies. The game only lasts for a minute and you need to go around every location to find the enemy and destroy them. When detecting a target, you need to shoot down the enemy immediately or they will kill you first.

Invest in combat ability

The achievement after each battle is money and power. Claiming your position frightens the opponent. To do this, you also need to equip weapons as well as strength for higher resistance. Use money to buy new weapons with superior features and power up to increase your fighting ability.

In addition, you can also try your hand at changing the character you want. Some of the characters in the list come with an unlocked index. Join many matches and achieve certain achievements that will let you unlock with each character corresponding to your accumulated number.

How to control

Move with arrow keys

Point of view with the mouse pointer

Shoot down opponents with mouse click