Block Stacking

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Remove layers of fruit

Block Stacking is a game of stacking blocks together in a way that reduces the number of layers of the block. Spin the block at the top to remove as many floors as possible.

A block of fruit is not completely intact to begin with. They are sagging in many places and the block at the top of the screen can be moved to complete a full floor to shorten the original block of fruit.

You can move the block at the top of the screen left and right or flip it any way you want as long as more floors are removed so the fruit block gets lower and lower.

Notice the red border

Try to remove as many floors as possible. But watch out for the red border when you pile up too many layers. The game ends when you reach that threshold. Because the game has no end, even if you break all the initially given floors, the block below will appear, so only touching the red border will cause the game to end.

Replace other fruit images

The game starts with an image of watermelon. If you want to change to another fruit, you need to complete the challenge on the left side of the screen. The percentage will appear and inform you how much you need to exchange for another fruit.

The strategy eliminates many layers

Be different by removing multiple layers at once. A hint of the next block is in the right corner of the screen which you will execute. Build strategy with upcoming blocks to eliminate as many floors as possible.