Basket Random

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Random basketball game in Basket Random

Basket Random is a random game, try your hand at basketball with two people on a team. You and your teammates will compete against each other and compete for the ball to set the opposing team's basket.

Basketball is a popular sport around the world, especially in the Americas. Basketball games are always sought after, as well as basketball games are also one of the games that are always attracted.

In this game, you will be challenged to compete in basketball with the opposing team. Each team will have someone who, when the game starts, the ball is dropped, quickly grab the ball, move to the opponent's basket and score. At the same time, your team must also defend its basket so that the opponent cannot score. Quickly get the ball back as your opponent throws the ball in the air and moves towards your opponent's basket.
The game has no end, you will compete in many games. After one of the two groups scores a point, moves on to another scene. Each match will change the scene, the character, creating a variety and richness to make the game more entertaining.

Game mode

Single Player: You will control one of your two team characters to play against the opposing team. Reclaim the ball from the opponent's side and score a goal, along with defending the opposing team from scoring.

Two players: Invite your friends to join this entertaining game. Both will work together in attack and defense to get many goals.

Control way

Player 1 uses W

Player 2 uses the up arrow.