Avatar Game

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Game Avatar is a platform video game with Avatar version. This is a great combination. Avoiding spikes and jumping on the platforms is your mission.

Complete the challenge in Avatar Game

Prevent sharp spikes block

Countless spikes that appear out of nowhere will appear throughout the quest. To avoid breaking into pieces, stay alert, focus on jumping and stay away from spikes. Our protagonist can only move forward and cannot avoid obstacles. He needs your help to jump over the spikes.

Jump up the blocks

You will move on blocks. Although the path is not always smooth, when you encounter blocks, jump on them to escape the dangers below. However, block corners should be avoided as they cause you to retry.

Coin accumulation

Remember that to pass the challenge in this game you also need to gain extra challenge by collecting coins. However, not every ride has a coin. It only happens on the most difficult roads to navigate. While coins don't affect whether you finish the race or not, experienced players will look forward to that goal.

Features of Avatar Game

Game interface

The game is inspired by the setting of the movie Avatar so you can see the interface of this game has many details taken from here. You will experience the challenge in the water with many aquatic animals such as jellyfish, fish. The image is bold of the indigenous people underwater with full of blue color.

Game modes

You can play in normal mode and practice mode. With normal mode very suitable for those who are used to playing with previous Geometry Dash genres. With this mode, the speed will gradually increase, making you very focused so that your character does not touch obstacles. If the player is new or new to this game, you need some practice time to be more suitable for this mode.

With a practice mode suitable for those who are new to the game or do not have much experience when playing this game. You can improve your gameplay through this mode. Checkpoints will be placed in this game to interrupt your practice. It has the effect of helping you continue your journey without having to retry many times and have to play from the beginning.