1v1 Restaurant

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1v1 Restaurant is a fun game about round characters. Become a waiter to bring the food according to the customer's request. Compete against your opponent to see who can do the most.

Compete who brings the most food

Play as a circular character, competing with other opponents in bringing food to guests. Get the food in the left corner of the screen. This place has salads, tomatoes, cheese and raw meat. To be able to cook the meat, you need to move the raw meat and cook it in the stove located on the right side of the screen. The guests are waiting for you to deliver the food. Customer requests will be marked at the top, when you give the correct food to any guest, the request for that dish will be moved to a tick.

Player selection

You have the choice of 1-player against AI or 2-player with your friends. You and your opponent will compete against each other to see who can perform the most successful challenges will be the winner.

Execution time

You will compete with the opponent to see who can perform the most challenges will be the winner. In more than a minute, trying to successfully bring many dishes to the guests will be the winner.

Tip to easily win the opponent

Please bring dishes that are not too fussy in processing, choose dishes that are easy to get and close to customers such as salads and tomatoes. These are the most requested dishes, so when requested, immediately make them before your opponent does before you.